Wanderlust. Boredom. Frustration.


Whatever the reason, we have all had days where we wished we could pack our bags and just go somewhere; anywhere. But for a myriad of reasons (jobs, spouses, kids, responsibilities), most of us don’t do it. We did that very thing—leaving our daily lives in New York City and traveling the world—with our five children in tow. Let us take you along for the ride as we experience the challenges and joys of a year at sea on a sailboat as a family of seven. Let us remind you that our lives are what we make them and we can all have the courage to seek the lives we dream about. 

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You’ve been kicking around that “crazy” idea for years, but it doesn’t seem practical. All you need is a little push in that direction. Get your front row seat to see our family’s practical approach to impractical dreams.



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