I lived on a sailboat for a year with my husband and our five children. It changed my life. I want to help change yours.

YOur Mission

If you’re here, you’ve probably heard that our family of seven quit our conventional life to try something a little different. Maybe you want something different for your life, too. You want to do what matters most for you and your family. You’re wondering how to balance your dreams with your responsibilities.

I wondered the same thing. I’m not an adrenaline junkie. I’m just curious. I asked, What could go right? I took a calculated risk with my husband, Erik, and our family. I discovered that pursuing my interests made me a happier individual, a stronger partner, and a more mindful parent. I gained competence, credibility, and calm. I’ve since become a sailor, scuba diver, rock climber, world traveler, surfer, and most recently, an author.

You’re ready to stare down excuses and take the next step towards:

  • Your thriving relationships

  • Your personal growth

  • Your interests and big ideas

  • Your positive impact on others

What you do matters. I’d love to cheer you on your journey. I’m trying to do what matters most and writing about it. I hope this gives you the motivation you seek to choose happiness regardless of your current circumstances. When you know what matters most to you and live that way you’ll inspire others to do the same.

Along with my husband, Erik Orton, I co-wrote a memoir of our family’s sailing sabbatical. Seven at Sea: Why a New York City Family Cast Off Convention for a Life-Changing Year on a Sailboat, will be available March 2019 published by Shadow Mountain. We blog together at Fezywig.com. My writing is also featured in “Dare, Dream, Do: Remarkable Things Happen When You Dare to Dream,” by Whitney Johnson. I speak and write about overcoming fear, living with purpose, and finding joy.



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